The English Language Training Institute, a unit of the University of North Carolina Charlotte's Office of International Programs, prepares English language learners to be successful members of the U.S. academic community while promoting intercultural understanding and a global perspective.

To achieve this goal, our program focuses on academic language development in all four skill areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Grammar instruction is integrated into all courses within the context of the materials, topics and activities in each class. Additionally, students are introduced to important concepts associated with living and studying in a U.S. institution of higher education. To this end, students at all levels engage in a variety of activities, projects, group discussions, field trips, etc.

The language program at ELTI consists of six levels. Each level of the program includes three courses: 1) Reading and Writing, 2) Academic Language (grammar instruction integrated into skills and cultural content typical of university settings), and 3) Listening and Speaking. The ELTI Achievement Scale below describes what a student is able to do at the completion of each of the levels.

English Language Training Institute Achievement Scale

A student who completes this level…

1  -  Can comprehend ESL sources on highly familiar social and academic topics and express ideas using high-frequency general and academic vocabulary and common written and spoken conventions. 

2  -  Can comprehend a wide range of ESL sources on common academic topics and present ideas following specific written and spoken conventions and formats. 

3  -  Can comprehend straightforward, extended sources and summarize and respond to those sources following common academic formats such as essays or structured class discussions.  

4  -  Can comprehend adapted academic sources (i.e., full-length books and lectures) intended for native speakers and discuss and write about those sources following academic formats common in university settings.

5  -  Can comprehend extended, discipline-specific sources (i.e., full-length non-fiction books and university lectures) and objectively discuss, analyze, and apply those sources in a wide range of university-based assessments. 

6  -  Can comprehend extended, argument-based sources and use those sources to conduct independent research and engage in in-depth discussions with university students and faculty.

ELTI students are encouraged to use the ELTI computer lab, the University Writing Resources Center, and the Language Resource Center. The Writing Resources Center offers individual tutoring to students who need assistance with their writing. The ELTI lab offers computer stations and work space during the lunch hour for students to collaborate with classmates, use printing services, and access other resources with the assistance of an ELTI conversation partner or staff member. The Language Resource Center offers modern multimedia language support.

PLUS ONE Program: Qualified students in Level 6 are allowed to take a University course for credit in addition to a reduced load of ELTI courses. Students who have completed one full term in the ELTI may participate in this program.