01. How do I apply to ELTI?

Please review the information under the Application Information tab by clicking hereThe application, documents, and payment can all be submitted online. We cannot process incomplete applications so please make sure to submit all necessary requirements.

Please note: Acceptance to ELTI does NOT grant acceptance to UNC Charlotte academic programs-- that is done separately. See the instructions for Conditional Admission under the Application Information tab.

02. How do I apply to ELTI and to UNC Charlotte?

UNC Charlotte does offer conditional admission for some undergraduate majors. This means you can be accepted based on your academic work, without having the English scores required for full admission. You would first study at ELTI, then once you have the proficiency, you'd be able to enter UNC Charlotte. You must study in ELTI at least one semester before moving into UNC Charlotte programs. Please note: Acceptance to ELTI does NOT grant acceptance to UNC Charlotte academic programs-- that is done separately. See the instructions for Conditional Admission under the Application Information tab.

Please review the information under the Application Information tab by clicking here. The application, documents, and payment can all be submitted online. We cannot process incomplete applications so please make sure to submit all necessary requirements.

03. Do I have to create two applications and make two application fee payments if I am applying for conditional admission?

Yes.  Conditional admission requires two separate applications and payments, one for the ELTI office and one required by the UNC Charlotte Office of Admissions

04. What is a credential evaluation? Why do I have to provide one for conditional admission application?

A credential evaluation is a report that "translates" the grades that you earned in your home country to equivalent US-based grades and also that evaluates your school records for authenticity. All international applicants for undergraduate programs at UNC Charlotte must have these evaluations done, with a course-by-course evaluation.

Grades are different around the world, and it's not always clear if the grade you received is considered to be excellent, good, average, fair, or poor.  The awarding of grades also varies by country, and the credential evaluator takes into account what your grade means in your home country...if it is a good grade there, it should be considered a good grade here.

In the US educational system, we know that a 4.0 scale uses the 4.0 as an "A," or an excellent grade.  As part of the credential evaluation, each of your grades will be assigned a value on the 4.0 scale after professional review.  You will also be given an overall, or cumulative, grade point average (GPA), which is the common measure for US grades.  This will allow our admissions office to compare your academic performance to the admission standards here at UNC Charlotte.

Our international undergraduate admissions office accepts credential evaluation reports from only specific  companies -- please be sure to use one the companies listed on their website.

05. Do I need a student visa to study in ELTI? What about a tourist (B) visa?

Most of our students study full-time in ELTI on a student (F-1) visa.  ELTI is able to provide the Form I-20 to assist you in getting a visa.  Of course, citizens of the US, permanent residents, some other visa holders and refugees/asylees can study without the F-1 visa. Students on an F2 visa can only study part-time at ELTI, not full-time.  If you have questions about your current visa status and studying in the US, please e-mail our office at elti@uncc.edu.

06. How do I get a student visa?

To get a student visa, you need to do the following steps:

  • After your application is complete and you are accepted, we will send you a Certificate of Eligibility form (I-20 form) which will allow you to apply for the visa. Your acceptance packet will also contain instructions. Apply for your visa as early as possible. Late applicants are often denied because they are not showing that they have prepared and thought ahead.
  • Once you get the I-20 form, pay the SEVIS visa fee quickly. You must pay this fee BEFORE you set a visa interview date. For more information on how to pay the fee, please visit their website here. (link to website: studyinthestates.dhs.gov/2013/10/i-901-sevis-fee-payment-tutorial)
  • Make an appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate near you for a visa interview. You must set the appointment for at least 3 days after paying the SEVIS fee.
  • Study the Embassy website to learn more about student visa applications.
  • Learn about UNC Charlotte and ELTI. Common visa interview questions include
    • Why did you choose that school?
    • How much does that school cost?
    • How will you pay the costs?
    • What will you do after you finish studies and return to your home country?
  • Prepare for your visa interview.
    • Learn as much English as you can BEFORE the interview. It always helps to get an interview if the student shows that they are already trying to learn English.
    • Prepare documents- especially financial documents showing that you can pay for at least the first year of school (the amounts shown on your I-20 form). Be able to explain how you or your family can continue to pay, if you stay beyond the first year.
    • You might prepare a short (less than one page) essay in which you explain why you want to study in the US and why you chose ELTI at UNC Charlotte.
  • If you are denied the visa-- TRY AGAIN. Review the steps above and set a new appointment date.
  • Be sure to inform us of your visa status- if you get the visa, if you are denied, or if you decide not to join us.

07. How long does it take to process an ELTI application?

Once we have received all the required items in our office, we try to send your admission packet and I-20 (if applicable) within 5 business days.  During busy times in our office (for instance, the opening and closing of a term), we may not be able to process applications that quickly.  During these busy times, we try to update applicants to let them know that admission to ELTI will take longer than normal.

If two weeks have passed and you have not received any notification about your admission packet, please email us.  Otherwise, we appreciate it if you allow us time to process the applications in the order that we receive them as complete.

08. How long will it take for me to know if I have been admitted conditionally?

We do not know.  In general, we tell students that it will be approximately 4 - 6 weeks after your complete application has been received by our office and submitted to the international undergraduate admissions office. However, this is just a guess -- we have no control over how long it will take the admissions office to review applications and make decisions. It's important for you to apply early, and submit application items exactly as requested to minimize delays in your application.  Our admissions office handles many thousands of applications each year, and each one requires careful consideration.

You can check your conditional admission application status by logging in to the admission application website, using the login information that you created when you made the application.  You will be able to view your application status, but note that the admissions office does not always immediately update the record when new application items have been received.  If your admission status does not seem accurate, you can email us at elti@uncc.edu and we will investigate.

We can view your application for conditional admission once it is created.  We can view any documents that you have submitted and any correspondence the admissions office has sent you.  If you have made a mistake or need help to fill out a part of the application, please email us.  We can change some parts of your application after submission, if necessary.

09. How can I know if you have sent my admission packet and I-20?

If you have paid the $80 express mailing fee, you will receive tracking information on the admission packet and I-20 by email.  We will use the email address that you provide when you pay for express mailing when we create the UPS shipment.  You will receive an automatic email from the UPS shipment program that gives you a tracking number that you can use to monitor the progress of your shipment.

If you have provided a name and contact information of someone who will pick up your packet, we will contact that person when the admission packet and I-20 are ready for pick-up in our office.  Your contact person will then be responsible for sending the admission packet to you.

If your admission packet and I-20 (if applicable) are being sent to an address in the United States, then we will send those documents via the US Postal Service.  There is no method for tracking those packages, but generally US mail service delivers within 5 business days, depending on how far the package must travel. Please provide a valid US address!  Some packages that we mail through the US Postal Service end up being returned to us because the address was incomplete or incorrect.

We prefer that you pay for the express mailing fee for shipment overseas so that you can be guaranteed that your package arrives quickly and so that you can track the package.

10. I am a permanent resident/resident of North Carolina. What will I pay to attend ELTI?

All ELTI student pay the same amount, regardless of in-state or out-of-state status.

However, some students may be able to study part-time (one or two of our core three classes). Permanent residents, pending permanent residents, and some visa categories may allow for part-time study. Tuition and fees for part-time study are less. Part-time costs will depend upon the number and type of classes you take. Click here (link: http://elti.uncc.edu/costs)  to view current program costs.

Part-time study is not an option for F1 visa students. Students on an F1 visa must study full time as a condition of their visa.

11. What level will I be placed in at ELTI?

You will not know what level you will be placed in until you come to orientation and are tested in your listening, speaking and writing skills.  All new students are given language placement tests during the orientation days.  Our teachers will review those results and place you in classes with other students at your same ability level.  After approximately one week of classes, all students are reviewed to make sure that they are in the correct level.  A very small number of students may be moved up or down in levels if all the teachers decide that the student is in the wrong level.