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COSTS for one semester (15 weeks; Full-time, 20 hours per week- 5 hours of class per day, Monday through Thursday)

Fall 2015 full time study  
Tuition and University Fees (Tuition is $4050, Fees are about $850 (fees are set in mid-summer). Fees allow ELTI students to use all UNCC facilities and services such as Student Health Center, sporting facilities, concerts etc.) $4900
Housing and Meals. (On-campus housing, without meals: $2800-$4600) $3800-$5000
Books $200-$275
Health insurance is required; if purchased at UNC Charlotte the cost will be about $800-$900. (Students may purchase other insurance as long as it meets UNCC standards)  
Housing, meals, books and personal expenses vary depending on the student. The costs listed above are safe estimates for minimum costs of living.  
Summer 2015  (24-26 hours/week; classes on many Fridays, also)  
Tuition and university fees (Tuition is $3,900; Fees are $438) $4338
Housing and Meals $2500-$3500
Books (costs vary depending on student's level) $200-$275
Health insurance is required; if purchased at ELTI the cost is about $200 - $300 (varies with age)  

Part-time study: Students who are not in the U.S. on student visas (which require full-time study) may enroll in one or two of the three daily classes. For spring semester 2015: $780 (plus university fees of $434.65 total, regardless of number of hours taken).

Listening/speaking and reading/writing are both 2-hour/day classes. In Fall 2015 cost for either of those: $1560 plus UNC Charlotte fees of $434.65 = total $1994.65

Grammar/Academic Language is a 1-hour/day class. Fall 2015 cost for it will be $780 + $434.65 = $1214.65

Taking one 2-hour class plus grammar would be 3 hours/day. ($780 X 3) + $434.65 = $2774.65

(University fees for summer 2015 and beyond are not yet set)

Tuition and University fees for each session must be paid during the registration period. Checks, money order, or cash must be in U.S. dollars. You may also use a valid MasterCard, American Express or Visa credit card. For bank wire transfers, contact us first.

Students sponsored by their government or other entity: Sponsoring agencies must provide an official letter of sponsorship covering the period of enrollment. Students must have this sponsorship at the beginning of the term of study, or pay their first semester costs and be refunded later, once the sponsoring agency has offered a financial guarantee AND paid the bill.

ELTI students may NOT participate in the UNC Charlotte payment plan. First-term students should be prepared to pay their entire balance during the first week of class. Returning students must pay at least 1/2 when the term begins and the remaining 1/2 by midterm of the ELTI semester. All payments for ELTI students follow ELTI (not UNCC) schedules.

Housing and meals can vary, as shown above, depending on where and how you live.

UNC Charlotte offers a variety of housing and food service options. Rates for housing on-campus are found at
UNC Charlotte Housing options and costs  Meal plan options are found at UNC Charlotte dining options.

To apply for on-campus housing: contact ELTI first!

Students may live on or off-campus; off-campus housing and food for one semester would normally cost $3000 and up, depending on housing styles and food costs. A typical student would pay about $2500-$3800 for housing (5 months) and $1500-$2500 for food (5 months).

Prices for University fees are established before each term begins by the state of North Carolina and may change slightly from what is shown above.